And i just know the answer has to be Love

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Listening to: The Very Best of Hillsong Live, which i just picked up at Salvation bookstore. I’d been wanting to get it for ages. and, this week has been a bit rough emotionally – and I just resolved to soak myself in God’s music tonight, amidst doing other things.

God has brought me through so much. Through trials, through hopes; through mishaps and misdemeanours; to London and back, from high to low and back to high’ from lost to found…

I put all this up because I just want to proclaim His goodness to my life..

And I just know the answer has to be Love.

In life, we all look for answers at different points of our lives.

But today, I’m telling you: Jesus is the answer, and He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He is Love.


I just know that though there may be storms, and terrible waves hitting at you and threatening to bring you under, these three things remain

Faith, Hope and Love.

And the greatest of these is Love.

I must say that God’s answers have always worked for me. And though I’d been shipwrecked many times, He’s never failed to bring me ashore.

But you must always choose the way of Love.

Ultimately, His way works because His laws reign.


Called to be different

February 22, 2012 § 3 Comments


Short-called today, after long last. Such a wonderful comradely feeling amongst us getting called together. There’s nothing like being (and I coin this phrase) a ‘[insert firm name here] kid – which, although you outgrow pretty soon after getting shortcalled, nevertheless feels great whist it lasts. It’s just a sense of belonging to a group of people who’re going through what you’re going through, who’ve got your (tired) back, and who won’t judge that side of you, at least. And sometimes, it feels like, in the world of the marketplace out there, no one knows what it’s like till you’ve stepped in there. And that world is cutting-edge.

I find myself being challenged every day. On some days, it’s the challenge to stay awake. Other days, it’s to keep my cool and respond to everything emergency with a fridge demeanour. On other days, it’s struggling to keep my mind focussed on the task. And yet on other days, I wish people wouldn’t keep coming through that door and disturbing me with their footsteps, glances and intentions.

And although this firm is generally a well-to-do atmosphere to be in, you get a sense that everybody’s still trying to learn from one another. You never feel like someone already thinks they’ve “got it”. Instead, they’re always trying to better themselves.

When I think of the life I have here, and the life I could have had (more easily), I find myself knowing that I wouldn’t exchange, change or pawn it away in exchange for something easier…

Life is challenging, and when you’ve got that down, learn to think of it as challenging in a fun way.



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One way I’ve managed to motivate myself to do things I have to do for the sake of discipline and responsible living, is to think of how they affect other people, and how selfish I’d be if I didn’t take their lives into account.

One thing I’ve learnt is that we never truly stand alone. Our actions; our words; our ways of doing things – our ways of living will ultimately affect someone else. Maybe it’s how they see things. Maybe it’s in how they are able to handle similar situations. Maybe,. it’s simply by empowering them through the knowledge that they are not alone in what they’re facing.

This is the original version of a song which was adapted and performed at my local church, Harvest Generation Subang Jaya, last weekend, by a small group of our anointed and talented worship leaders.


It’s what Faith can do.



taking stock

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Arranging your life is like putting them into compartments, label by label, sign by sign, painstakingly; carefully, and with full attention.

This is the stage of my life, where arranging my life is simply, trusting God to provide me with the sense of responsibility to handle my finances, relationships, time and all my resources well enough in order for Him to bless them.

So far, I’ve come up with the notebook system, whereupon I’ve ab(used) the Starbucks planner to write in all my expenses for the day, and to add them up each weekend.

Learning from people who actually like organising their stuff, helps. Although I myself naturally have a horror of all things administratie, somehow I feel God prompting my heart to look at things from a different perspective, to see how people who are naturally good at it actually enjoy it. And thus, from their enjoyment, I learn that it is possible to do such things with joy.

As in accounting, I feel like taking stock of your finances actually does make you feel pretty contented afterward. I’m contented because I feel blessed with so much in spite of how every penny counts, and how I have a tendency to impulse-spend.

But once again, I’m trusting God.

He knows the way.



Hello world!

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