And i just know the answer has to be Love

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Listening to: The Very Best of Hillsong Live, which i just picked up at Salvation bookstore. I’d been wanting to get it for ages. and, this week has been a bit rough emotionally – and I just resolved to soak myself in God’s music tonight, amidst doing other things.

God has brought me through so much. Through trials, through hopes; through mishaps and misdemeanours; to London and back, from high to low and back to high’ from lost to found…

I put all this up because I just want to proclaim His goodness to my life..

And I just know the answer has to be Love.

In life, we all look for answers at different points of our lives.

But today, I’m telling you: Jesus is the answer, and He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He is Love.


I just know that though there may be storms, and terrible waves hitting at you and threatening to bring you under, these three things remain

Faith, Hope and Love.

And the greatest of these is Love.

I must say that God’s answers have always worked for me. And though I’d been shipwrecked many times, He’s never failed to bring me ashore.

But you must always choose the way of Love.

Ultimately, His way works because His laws reign.


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