foundations and pathways

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Being an artist of sorts, I’ve found that artists always learn from other artists. They pick up and then they develop – transform and amaze! They have a natural ability to do that. But, that paradoxically, the very worst way to learn about life is from the artists – who are fatalistic, terribly depressed, and extremely fond of the purpose of pleasure – to fuel their art. Inspiration is but another exercise. Life is but another attempt. But all of life? It is sheer squander.

And I take this view because it’s proven true time and again. Unfortunately, born artists generally feel like the most disconnected people. Their art is the only way to express their thoughts, world views and feelings. Globally, this feels big. On an individual level, this feels personal – extremely personal.

And so it is that artists think that only other artists know of how to do it.. and hence the life of squander and wasted talent becomes a cycle that artists feel they are doomed towards.

Instinctive gift and intuition on a larger scale can never make up for God’s wisdom.

God’s our true connection… it doesn’t matter how much talent one may have, or how much promise. Because the nature of life is such that – if you live it in one way, you get this kind of result. And if you live it in another way, you get that other kind of result.

In other words, the way you live your life has consequences – both now, to you, and eternally, to the ones who come after you.

And perhaps, you could say that, life ultimately follows that law of God that,

we die if we live foolishly,

and live if we live wisely.


The parable of the foundation of the house.

Sand or rock?

is a choice you remain free to make.


and…. people …

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and…. people make new rules to justify their way of life when they no longer want to follow what’s conventional and known as the generally acceptable way of life.

That’s the human will prevailing. 


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The roots are weary

But they’re old and shamelessly true

Because they’re in me

And the present’s no solid ‘no’. 

Cold calls

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And the surest way of making your tastebuds sour and your brain dull is to…

-eat awful food for a week and digest no solid information for a day. 


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Was looking for some reviews for John Grisham’s new ‘The Litigators.’ Then, for the fun of it, I also looked up ‘Playing for Pizza’.
Life is destructive, that way.

The week has been long, tedious and arduous. The least I can do, it seems, is to continue playing by ear to see what happens next. I suspect that’s what most lawyers do in their (bare) spare time. Because the rest of the time, they have… no time.

Went to Nilai today to see my friend graduate. And suddenly, I was instantly shocked by the myriad of faces, relatives, and flowers and bears. There was a shock total of two makeshift stalls selling bouquets shamelessly on the road leading up to the ceremony hall.

It struck me that graduating is a milestone, but it made me feel older for just another day.
Another friend will be sailing away to the coasts of Singapore city to begin a career in nursing. Somehow, we know she’ll come back greater than ever, but for now, we feel just a bit on the sad side of things.

Lastly, it’s comforting to know that I’ve still got my sense of humour intact, when all’s said and done. I think I’ve figured out why Asians are less self-asserting and therefore conflict-seeking. It’s because they’re much more tied to the apron strings. The older ones in the more liberated worlds have simply learnt to shake their heads and let life be.

Culture is such a container of who we are and can be.

Working week

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This week was terrible. Been ironing shirts two days at a time, and coming back and going into the office again within 7 hours of each other at least twice. But I shouldn’t complain if that’s the least of what every litigator gets.

Then, I moved down to Corporate floor.

Challenges this week have been:
1) Managing my time, and people
2) Motivating myself to go forward in spite of somewhat emotional setbacks
3) Remembering that the workplace is a place of professional obligations and expectations, and not a social scene
4) Recalling my place in God’s church, and not just as part of the “working world” that’s been dragging me slowly into its fold
5) Finding myself rest in the midst of all of this

What’s simple is that, the less obligations you have, the less responsible you have to be for them, and therefore, the more rest you can get.

But clearly, rest is not a big part of this season – for me, anyway.

And everywhere around me, I see my brothers and sisters in Christ having to work harder, more and better too. I’m sure God’s making us ready for something much busier =)

So, let’s keep an open heart, mind and a trained conscience. Because to be in denial is false, to be lazy is to be wicked, and to be doubtful is to be to half-hearted.

And there couldn’t be a worse way to proceed, to start with.

Awaken my soul to you, Oh Lord

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This week seems to have passed by fast.

On Monday, everybody was singing about the blues. And I was researching amicus curiae.

I was researching amicus curiae until today. I’m beginning to think it’s a concept of curiosity, at best.

In the middle, God grew the relationships I have with some people, and hopefully mended some others.

I drove to court to settle a straightforward court duty matter, which I nevertheless relied a lot on God for.

All in all, I believe that whatever we do, it’s still all about the people.

God didn’t say: Focus on the long-term happiness.

On the perks of the job.

On the success of being a renowned lawyer.

He said: Do you love me?

Then feed my sheep.

And somehow, we don’t feed sheep with pastures that aren’t ours. That would be trespassing.

But God gives us His green pastures.. His rivers of living water.

and He places us where He wants us to be the ones administering His resources.

He wouldn’t have said: Feed my sheep, if He hadn’t cared so much, and so deeply for them.

God cares; God loves us.

I believe that at some point, even if we have never questioned the purpose of our lives before this, we will come to that point.

Remember, a crisis is not a turning point if it’s never resolved.

And if there were a crisis, that would be an opportunity to allow your life to change.

But, before anyone comes to that, remember that Jesus has rivers of living water that can never run dry.

But only, believe!


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