Awaken my soul to you, Oh Lord

March 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week seems to have passed by fast.

On Monday, everybody was singing about the blues. And I was researching amicus curiae.

I was researching amicus curiae until today. I’m beginning to think it’s a concept of curiosity, at best.

In the middle, God grew the relationships I have with some people, and hopefully mended some others.

I drove to court to settle a straightforward court duty matter, which I nevertheless relied a lot on God for.

All in all, I believe that whatever we do, it’s still all about the people.

God didn’t say: Focus on the long-term happiness.

On the perks of the job.

On the success of being a renowned lawyer.

He said: Do you love me?

Then feed my sheep.

And somehow, we don’t feed sheep with pastures that aren’t ours. That would be trespassing.

But God gives us His green pastures.. His rivers of living water.

and He places us where He wants us to be the ones administering His resources.

He wouldn’t have said: Feed my sheep, if He hadn’t cared so much, and so deeply for them.

God cares; God loves us.

I believe that at some point, even if we have never questioned the purpose of our lives before this, we will come to that point.

Remember, a crisis is not a turning point if it’s never resolved.

And if there were a crisis, that would be an opportunity to allow your life to change.

But, before anyone comes to that, remember that Jesus has rivers of living water that can never run dry.

But only, believe!



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