Working week

March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week was terrible. Been ironing shirts two days at a time, and coming back and going into the office again within 7 hours of each other at least twice. But I shouldn’t complain if that’s the least of what every litigator gets.

Then, I moved down to Corporate floor.

Challenges this week have been:
1) Managing my time, and people
2) Motivating myself to go forward in spite of somewhat emotional setbacks
3) Remembering that the workplace is a place of professional obligations and expectations, and not a social scene
4) Recalling my place in God’s church, and not just as part of the “working world” that’s been dragging me slowly into its fold
5) Finding myself rest in the midst of all of this

What’s simple is that, the less obligations you have, the less responsible you have to be for them, and therefore, the more rest you can get.

But clearly, rest is not a big part of this season – for me, anyway.

And everywhere around me, I see my brothers and sisters in Christ having to work harder, more and better too. I’m sure God’s making us ready for something much busier =)

So, let’s keep an open heart, mind and a trained conscience. Because to be in denial is false, to be lazy is to be wicked, and to be doubtful is to be to half-hearted.

And there couldn’t be a worse way to proceed, to start with.


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