March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Was looking for some reviews for John Grisham’s new ‘The Litigators.’ Then, for the fun of it, I also looked up ‘Playing for Pizza’.
Life is destructive, that way.

The week has been long, tedious and arduous. The least I can do, it seems, is to continue playing by ear to see what happens next. I suspect that’s what most lawyers do in their (bare) spare time. Because the rest of the time, they have… no time.

Went to Nilai today to see my friend graduate. And suddenly, I was instantly shocked by the myriad of faces, relatives, and flowers and bears. There was a shock total of two makeshift stalls selling bouquets shamelessly on the road leading up to the ceremony hall.

It struck me that graduating is a milestone, but it made me feel older for just another day.
Another friend will be sailing away to the coasts of Singapore city to begin a career in nursing. Somehow, we know she’ll come back greater than ever, but for now, we feel just a bit on the sad side of things.

Lastly, it’s comforting to know that I’ve still got my sense of humour intact, when all’s said and done. I think I’ve figured out why Asians are less self-asserting and therefore conflict-seeking. It’s because they’re much more tied to the apron strings. The older ones in the more liberated worlds have simply learnt to shake their heads and let life be.

Culture is such a container of who we are and can be.


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