foundations and pathways

March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Being an artist of sorts, I’ve found that artists always learn from other artists. They pick up and then they develop – transform and amaze! They have a natural ability to do that. But, that paradoxically, the very worst way to learn about life is from the artists – who are fatalistic, terribly depressed, and extremely fond of the purpose of pleasure – to fuel their art. Inspiration is but another exercise. Life is but another attempt. But all of life? It is sheer squander.

And I take this view because it’s proven true time and again. Unfortunately, born artists generally feel like the most disconnected people. Their art is the only way to express their thoughts, world views and feelings. Globally, this feels big. On an individual level, this feels personal – extremely personal.

And so it is that artists think that only other artists know of how to do it.. and hence the life of squander and wasted talent becomes a cycle that artists feel they are doomed towards.

Instinctive gift and intuition on a larger scale can never make up for God’s wisdom.

God’s our true connection… it doesn’t matter how much talent one may have, or how much promise. Because the nature of life is such that – if you live it in one way, you get this kind of result. And if you live it in another way, you get that other kind of result.

In other words, the way you live your life has consequences – both now, to you, and eternally, to the ones who come after you.

And perhaps, you could say that, life ultimately follows that law of God that,

we die if we live foolishly,

and live if we live wisely.


The parable of the foundation of the house.

Sand or rock?

is a choice you remain free to make.


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