the stake

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Went for a play the other day at the Actor’s Studio, Lot 10. It was about Human Trafficking. the topic was serious, with lashings of painful realities surfacing. The horrible actions, words and results of people’s lack of convictions, and sometimes; oftentimes – sanity. It was alarming. It was terrible. But the very worst thing about it was knowing it was real.

After you hear of these things “happening all the time”, there is a danger that you begin to think that this is how our society is going to be from now on. That once it’s started, it cannot stop. because we are powerless to do anything about it.

But I think history has proven that that’s not necessarily the case. It’s a matter of the human will and the human will to do something about it. Human wills can be directed anywhere. Politics has recognised that, and politics continues to. But we, as the humans in question, don’t direct our own wills.

That’s the danger.

Life tells us these days that we lack choice. We lack the power of making the important choice to have our minds heard, our hearts set at rest; and our lives to be restored. We lack the ability to be responsible for these small and big things alike, simply because in the society we live in today, everything is out of our hands. It has made us who we are. We can’t do anything about that either.

A lie.

We have been assigned by God the task of keeping His creations in good order and thriving. This means keeping the responsibility for ourselves and for the resources we’ve been entrusted with. With the lives who are to come, and the nations that are to rise. With the direction of economy, politics and culture in these. It doesn’t stop today simply because Adam sinned.

Responsibility is the key.

Have we forgotten our stakes in the land?

Do they no longer belong to us?

Do we no longer lay claim to them?



But a dream was not stopped because of dry inspiration

it was because we chose to do ‘other things’…

And these were things everybody else did

So as to continue with the tradition.




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“I write for the masses and I write for the world, but I still write for myself.”

And I write when I’m happy and when I’m sad
when I’m angry or when I’m mad
Swirl of colours; twist of words
the musical mosaic that is complicated beyond us.


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I don’t write for a living

But still I write to sustain myself

this is the breath, the song, the striving

There are works that no one can ever pay you for…


Because life just keeps on turning

wheel after motion

Song after heart; time after listening

Hear the doorbell ringing; the sound of my voice…


I walk in and the room  – it is silent 

I don’t feel the shadows hitting me 

I just know that this is where I gotta be

Footsteps so heavy and painful… 


There is you studio, your symphony is waiting

to be played out to the world, 

from this short window of opportunity

Go on listening… till you hear the waves crashing on the shore…


Time doesn’t wait for a man to step forward..

“I’ve Seen Miracles just Happen…”

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Listening to: What Faith Can do (Kutless).


First heard this song when my church did a song presentation one Sunday service at church. Pris was one of the people singing onstage. And the beauty of that song touched my heart, because it is truly, what faith can do. 


I’ve walked many miles; alone 

But truly, I was never so

For You held me so tenderly that I never felt it 

Till the time came, when You told me so.


Feel like I need a miracle today, Lord, but not just for me.

To You be all the glory.


The mosaic of life

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Currently listening to: Rent (Seasons of Love)

Received a bunch of lectures on the general wide subject of Ethics yesterday, which still felt like student-hood, despite being issued to would-be, almost-there professionals. Exams on those topics tomorrow. Upon coming back, I met up with Rachel again – the friend who is going back to Singapore to work this afternoon.
We had a nice time talking, as well as with Pris and a couple of others…
But friendship sits in the stars
as a design of God and a work of mankind
That requires no less ploughing; no less time
Than the worker’s, in the fields.

So we see rainbows sitting from where we are
And we count the stars but we can’t find a number
But God loves us no matter what we can’t count
And tells us: It’s alright.

Drawn to the tune

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Currently listening to: Fix You (Coldplay).

This evening, I played Duffy’s CD in the car whilst maneuvering a traffic jam. It felt pretty inspiring, because Duffy does her stuff really well in the old-school way.
And these are artists who speak and sing their minds, souls, heart.

You ride the wave of glory, sometimes, when you’ve produced something people want to tune in to, or remember, or watch. You stay on that high for a little while. And then you realise, it’s not going to last further than this.

I love the feelings art produces when it’s good. They are varied, and unconditional, and unapologetic for exactly what they are. The rawness of life is seen through every ounce of sweat they emanate. The tears pour; the sullenness clouds and oppresses… the happiness is like a happy fantasy on the other end of the rainbow.

But ultimately, these feelings will go. They’ll leave like everything else that characterizes them – leave like old yesterdays smelling of yesterday’s clothes. They’d have bored with you, and you with then. You’d have to see them at the door again the next time you needed them, but till then….

I remember the stability that only my Father gives…

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