Drawn to the tune

April 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Currently listening to: Fix You (Coldplay).

This evening, I played Duffy’s CD in the car whilst maneuvering a traffic jam. It felt pretty inspiring, because Duffy does her stuff really well in the old-school way.
And these are artists who speak and sing their minds, souls, heart.

You ride the wave of glory, sometimes, when you’ve produced something people want to tune in to, or remember, or watch. You stay on that high for a little while. And then you realise, it’s not going to last further than this.

I love the feelings art produces when it’s good. They are varied, and unconditional, and unapologetic for exactly what they are. The rawness of life is seen through every ounce of sweat they emanate. The tears pour; the sullenness clouds and oppresses… the happiness is like a happy fantasy on the other end of the rainbow.

But ultimately, these feelings will go. They’ll leave like everything else that characterizes them – leave like old yesterdays smelling of yesterday’s clothes. They’d have bored with you, and you with then. You’d have to see them at the door again the next time you needed them, but till then….

I remember the stability that only my Father gives…


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