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May 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Some of the things that have inspired me this week:

Production practice – although I sometimes wish there was more creative process in what I’m doing, I nevertheless have fun being on the church floor a.k.a the dancefloor

Costume-making – Church people working till 3-4 am in the morning churning costumes out. You would think they were made of steel

Legal Aid – The need for legal aid is astounding. And society’s ignorance of the law makes it easy to see why they have trouble when the law deals with them. Legal representation seems to be paid privilege when even legal aid is unavailable to fulfill one’s needs.



The Lord is my shepherd… I shall not want.

May 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

We learnt about guarding our hearts, yesterday. Cell was an awesome time, a powerful time of connection and love and grace. And today, production practice was likewise fruitful. During the weekdays, I feel like a different person from the weekends. Whereas some go back to their hidey holes to lay their heads to rest, I go back to God’s Church, and He renews me.

Nobody can understand what it means to be God’s own until we are placed in a situation where we cry out to God as our Father, Provider and Deliverer, and His answer is sure and faithful  – He is for us.

I’m reminded that though work is work, it is His ministry for me too, although I’m still defining my turf – the area where I operate and He commands His blessing.

Amen! Greater things are yet to come.



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