Life stories…

August 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Haven’t got any feelings sometimes. Or maybe, they’re too many to describe. I once asked a friend if she was on Twitter. She shook her head; no. I stared for a little while not out of shock or despair… because just then, I felt a sadness hit me: so many people want, or need a voice these days. So many people say meaningless things that don’t hit home; but those people that matter to us often don’t matter to people who don’t know them. Of course, it’s the difference between large scale and small scale, and that ultimately, we all make an impact – but I felt sad that, minus one factor, I would not know how special a person she is, and grateful with a weight that mattered – to God who put her in my life. Even if it was just for a season; but I believe He has greater plans still.

People matter. Connection matters. Ultimately, we all have a story to tell – to all who will listen. But what we need to realise today is that – we need each other to be part of each of our stories. There’s no meaning to a story with only one character in it. Each of our lives is the result of someone putting in their lot to our pile and saying: Here am I! I want a part of this person’s life. Even if it means that I have to give up a bit of mine. I’ll give it! And I’ll give it willingly.

That’s what makes our life stories meaningful. The knowledge that we have each other, and that we put in our lots into each other’s piles, so that our stories are all, ultimately, interconnected.

And that God takes pleasure in this.


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