That love conversation

August 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

“It doesn’t really matter whether people love us or not, as long as God does. Is that true?”

But ‘love’ is what God meant for mankind to express. It’s true that God loves us, but the revelation of that love is not through heaven on its own.. but through the people of God.

“But what is love? Can you see it? Touch it? Smell it? Taste it? Feel it?”

Yes, it is expressed in action, and felt in all these ways. But love is a choice for some, limited by others, and for a very select few, it is given freely, without question, and unfailingly.

“Who are these select few? Wouldn’t it be nice to meet them?”

Very. But then, one would also be tempted to follow their way of life.

“It is too difficult!”

Not by God’s grace., they say.

“It’s like paying a debt that never ends! You pay me, I pay you, and nobody’s account is ever closed!”


“Then it matters that people love us?”

Yes it does. But it matters more that you love people, as God loved us. Whether people love us or not is not a choice we can make for them. But we ourselves can demonstrate love toward them.

“Ah. I don’t really know how to love.”

You’ll learn. It starts from your heart. Are you willing?

“Here I am!”



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