the sky; it ain’t falling

September 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Writing my long call speech. A month ago, long call seemed like ages away. But writing this speech actually makes me feel a little emotional, for all the reasons that I have to thank people for. 

It’s been such a long and arduous journey, but in it, I’ve been met at every bend by someone who goes: Don’t give up! And I’ve nearly always wanted to scowl at them.

But the truth is, they’re the ones that forced me to stick by simply because tthey expected that from me.

I filed my final affidavit of service last week, and now, as the days toward long call creep by, I’m wondering if, by the time it reaches to my turn, I’d have peace of mind, or a simple settlement in my heart. After all, I have to remind myself: My outward circumstances shouldn’t confirm the inner condition of my heart and walk with Jesus. It should be the other way round. 

But I thank God every day for His grace and mercy toward me.



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