September 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

‘A Beautiful Mind’.

Somehow, that phrase has many meanings. And I understand even better now that I’ve finished watching the film.

Also more or less finished reading a book called ‘Beyond Boundaries’. It’s Christian, and it helps me to understand all I’ve been through in the not-so-distant past. Although godly principles are very helpful to get past relational issues, practical principles are always a great help. Nobody likes to unearth a ton of dirt and earth and see what’s underneath and causing all that mess above the ground. But the truth is, it’s vital to any healthy growth at all that the unhealthy elements are removed from the history. People don’t understand, sometimes, where I came from – where I’d been – except from the snippets that I’d let out, wanting some help with those areas. But it’ll probably take a lifetime to communicate all of these. Perhaps that’s how I know who’ll stick with me – those who stick in spite of what they don’t understand about me. Life is strange, that way, but I’m very much touched by those who put so much effort into it. Especially because, on flashback, I’ve often been very withdrawn because of the tiredness I felt from putting my heart out there so much of the time.

‘A Beautiful Mind’ brings back to mind how difficult it is it may be to live with someone when that person is having problems, which may affect the living arrangement, or even the relations between then. I’m touched by Jennifer Connelly’s role, who stuck by her husband in spite of all she didn’t understand about him, and didn’t know about their future together. It takes a lot to love someone through thick and thin, and especially, through sickness and through health. At some point, something’s gotta give, so you better know with all your depths what you’re really basing it on.


And it touched me that this man Nash, who saw the world differently through his genius in mathematics, ultimately understood (at least in the film portrayal) that no matter how you saw the world, it was ultimately the same for everyone – you had to have love to get on in it.

I believe he was committed to mathematics, committed to making his name in the world, committed to his family; but ultimately he also became committed to giving back to society, and to life-giving relationship.





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