September 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tough day. Watching the I-Heart Revolution. I believe in Love!

I’ve found that running away from stress isn’t handling it. But there are moments you still need away from it – to clean yourself up in your mind – your thoughts. The very thoughts that are causing you to feel hunt-down, and worn-out. So I sat down to a salted caramel mocha – which just about tastes like drinking popcorn. Managed to spill some on my shirt, even.


That said, I’m grateful for the other things God throws in, which are like bonuses on a hazy Saturday morning.


Thank You Lord, for the people y0u place in my life. Without them, I could be like stone and not know it. They make me see things I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, otherwise, see, hear or feel. They force me to interact with the outside world when I don’t feel like it, and even when I do feel like it. But more importantly, You’re running our show Lord . And I love how our lives interconnect and interact so that we are really helping each other get to the place you want us to be at.

Thank You Lord, even for the difficult times, when I can’t see much because something’s blocking my vision. I find that trying times have helped me better than easy times.. even though everybody craves easy times..

But Lord, You know better than us what’s good for us..

Hence, I just commit it all into Your hands today..


In Jesus’s Name.




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