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If there’re a couple things I want from the store, I can’t buy it unless it’s exactly I wanted to buy in the first place.

Right now, I just want

1. Uniball pens – Black from Times Bookstore
2. Coffee – Any good form
3. Kari Jobe’s ‘Where I Find You’ Album

Oh. That was a little random ­čśë


Biblical Truths

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I learnt a few things about praise and worship unto God today from Ps. Bill Johnson:

1. We praise Him because He is, in spite of all we’re going through, because that is what He deserves

2. When we praise and worship Him, we bring ourselves into the realm of an encounter with His Glory,

3. And as we come into His Glory, we are changed

4. And the place of barrenness becomes “a place of springs” (Psalm 84:6)

That Dream called Truth (Love)

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one of the most beautiful moments in my life, has been realizing how much God loves me. That revelation alone, has taken me to unbelievable new heights, because I had never known before how beautiful it is to be loved.

But more than that, what that revelation has done for me is inspired me to love people more. I’ve always been born with a love for people – it was ingrained in me as if I had been injected with that love like a drug. But when I realised God’s love for me – all I wanted to do was cry. When He loves you that much, can you respond with a hard heart toward those He also loves?

And yet there are times when I feel that love is an understanding that can only be caught if we are on that same plane – that same plane of desiring to choose love, and to remain undefeated in spite of horrible external circumstances, or simple misunderstandings blown all out of proportion. And more than that, love is extremely deliberate – something which can’t be just something in passing. Sometimes, I feel that love is lost on others if simply because they do not know the reason why we love the way we do.

In truth, love is what has kept me going. Been through so many hopeless situations, but ultimately what saved them all was Love. Simple truths that spoke to the mountains. The thing about having faith that speaks to mountains is that it is simply God Truth which is so strong because it is based on God’s living Word, that even the fact of the created solid mountain can’t stand in its way.

Pastor Tan Ye Peng, teaching in our church today, gave us a powerful Word on the unity of the Church, and ultimately he closed the service with a call to forgive and love – those who are with us, as part of the beautiful, complete, Body of Christ, in order to keep moving forward. There are times when I simply choose love, because Love is indeed the fulfilment of the law, and Jesus commands a blessing on such a choice, that cannot be stolen, no matter how hard he tries, by the enemy. The promises of God are yes and Amen.

I close this post remembering all who have shown me unconditional love and care, in spite of at times, not having understood me. And I reiterate that I am not an idealist; merely a staunch lover of the Truth that is Jesus Christ.

And the best reason to love?




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Some of the songs that helped me through my period of heartbreak, back in those days, are now forgotten. Many of the words I’ve written, are likewise forgotten, or stored somewhere till a better time.But no-one who’s truly had a heartbreak truly ever forgets what it means, or what it feels like, or how hard it is to recover.

Truly, the heart is the seat from which the issues of life spring forth.

But even as I’m reminded of that crippling pain; that endlessness of hopelessness; that lost joy; that wound that wouldn’t ┬ástop bleeding; I’m reminded that Jesus was always there with me, even as I shed tear after tear, felt nothing except inescapable numbness, drank terrible amounts of coffee, and made many walks to goodness knows where. He was the one who said: I will heal you, in spite of all you are going through now. He cried with me, and He understood the depths of that pain. And He never let me go.


Everything has a time for it.


A hard place – isn’t a permanent place

A steep place – may lead you to a firmer place

An unknown place – helps you to trust God more

A known place – helps you grow stronger again

A new place – helps you to grow in new ways

A higher place – is where God wants to take you.


Much as that is behind me now, it will always remain a part of my history – my testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness towards my life; His love that endured; and my strength that truly diminished, only to be found greater in His.

Life, then, is very funny.

there’re no titles amongst those who truly know you

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We had cell group as usual last Friday. Everyone was coming from a different place – but when we all came together to worship God, His power rained down from heaven.

I’m always amazed how cell group has impacted my life – that the lives of these amazing people – sharing the same mind, heart and purpose can truly propel you to a new place – is revelation to me.

And one of the things God spoke into my heart that Friday was: Enjoy this time fully; in My Presence, in the teaching of My Word.

And truly I did enjoy it.

We fellowshipped at BoomTown till almost one in the morning. And everyone had something to share about their week, their opinions about something funny, etc.

What a family we are. And to me, personally.

“More than Words”

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I’ve always thought: if writing is my way of getting across to the world, what would I say?

The truth is, writing is just one avenue. The purpose of art is for you to see the same thing in many different creative ways – and in the same way, simply living life is a way to make a statement. It’s the choices you make, the directions you take that set you up to declare something strong.

In saying that, I simply want to remind myself that I’m not limited to writing out what I want, or need, to say. I am already empowered to say who I am in Christ by the way I live out my life – that still being a general position in a sense – but one that definitely sets the course and direction for more specific statements.

I am empowered to communicate all these in “more than words”.

Last weekend

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McCafe’s starting to bloom in USJ. Funnily enough, it has bloomed like mushrooms after the rain. Never have I recalled the taste of Greggs’ coffee to such un-restraint – in a rainy day.

Finding this new keypad difficult to handle.

We had Saturday service last weekend. It was brilliant, but tiring. Saturday is too soon after Friday,and the week. It feels like you never stop moving – which may or mayn’t be a good thing.

The past week, I was writing a pageful of sales pitches. I never knew how challenging it is to sell something. But selling has many aspects to it. I’m entertained by my own writing, but I’m also gratified. ┬áThere’s a tactic to selling things which begins with how you see the product.

And yesterday I helped clean toilets in my cell leader’s new home. Honestly, I hadn’t cleaned toilets in a while. I got the goosebumps yesterday, and the aches today. I guess I’m lacking in fitness in the department.

So many things; so little time.

There’s always a time for everything, however.


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