days i remember (not exhaustive)

October 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

On days like these, I sometimes feel like I’m back in England – savoring the sights, the sounds (and yes, the weather – gloominess and all), besides the beauty of its artistic culture that its people are so much a part of. I sometimes even feel a little displaced by not being there, but finding myself instead in Malaysia, my home country.

And I realise that what ties you to a place may not be the length of time you spent there, whether you bear its citizenship or were merely passing by; it may not be in whether you speak their language or whether you cry over their political woes.. It may just be in how you gave a little of your heart away, in the place’s interests; or how the place was instrumental in giving your life a perspective you might not otherwise have had; or how the place made you the person you are today, simply because of the way of life it made available to you, for a period.

I’ll always remember the supermarket trips I used to make in the rain; the Sunday newspapers I made a point of getting before or after church, the coffees that tempted me at every corner; the people who were always foreign but their presence made me feel less so; the random things I remember seeing.. But mostly, I remember the times I spent in the kitchen hall of St Georges’ Hall, wrecking up some new cooking technique and hearing James Morrison’s music pour all the way from the kitchen to my room (which was near it), how I spent countless hours in the university library until I felt as old as its walls; and how we made trips to the Student Union for a cold sandwich or a snack because we had been too lazy to pack food out. How I used to buy oven chips and pour vinegar all over them after they were done. Oh, glorious days of my university life. I am glad to have had you! And I can never fully write down the essence of these memories on paper.


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