Last weekend

October 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

McCafe’s starting to bloom in USJ. Funnily enough, it has bloomed like mushrooms after the rain. Never have I recalled the taste of Greggs’ coffee to such un-restraint – in a rainy day.

Finding this new keypad difficult to handle.

We had Saturday service last weekend. It was brilliant, but tiring. Saturday is too soon after Friday,and the week. It feels like you never stop moving – which may or mayn’t be a good thing.

The past week, I was writing a pageful of sales pitches. I never knew how challenging it is to sell something. But selling has many aspects to it. I’m entertained by my own writing, but I’m also gratified.  There’s a tactic to selling things which begins with how you see the product.

And yesterday I helped clean toilets in my cell leader’s new home. Honestly, I hadn’t cleaned toilets in a while. I got the goosebumps yesterday, and the aches today. I guess I’m lacking in fitness in the department.

So many things; so little time.

There’s always a time for everything, however.



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