October 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Some of the songs that helped me through my period of heartbreak, back in those days, are now forgotten. Many of the words I’ve written, are likewise forgotten, or stored somewhere till a better time.But no-one who’s truly had a heartbreak truly ever forgets what it means, or what it feels like, or how hard it is to recover.

Truly, the heart is the seat from which the issues of life spring forth.

But even as I’m reminded of that crippling pain; that endlessness of hopelessness; that lost joy; that wound that wouldn’t  stop bleeding; I’m reminded that Jesus was always there with me, even as I shed tear after tear, felt nothing except inescapable numbness, drank terrible amounts of coffee, and made many walks to goodness knows where. He was the one who said: I will heal you, in spite of all you are going through now. He cried with me, and He understood the depths of that pain. And He never let me go.


Everything has a time for it.


A hard place – isn’t a permanent place

A steep place – may lead you to a firmer place

An unknown place – helps you to trust God more

A known place – helps you grow stronger again

A new place – helps you to grow in new ways

A higher place – is where God wants to take you.


Much as that is behind me now, it will always remain a part of my history – my testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness towards my life; His love that endured; and my strength that truly diminished, only to be found greater in His.

Life, then, is very funny.


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