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Whilst listening to music from The West Side Story, I was reminded of how I felt when I stepped onto Spanish soil in the searing heat, but witnessed the beauty of plain mountains for the first time. I especially love the French adverts on Classic FM – they remind me of how I used to sit at my laptop, filling myself with hot drinks to filter away the cold.

Today was beautiful. We had Sunday service. I was ushering.
Then, Foundation Truths (Bible study).
Then, pan mee.
Then, we all went for cendol and ais kacang. Nothing like ice in the hot weather.
Then, we bought fruits at the store in SS 15, surrounded by crates and boxes of durians, fresh in. Durians have an exotic, deeply rich flavour even in their smell.. and I watched the flies swirl around.. being very curious.

Discussed The Perks of Being a Wallflower with Lily – that book being my current favourite. It has a lot of reality in it – which some might describe as harsh – and reality and morality can be two very different things.. Zoe talked about Eleven Minutes – by Paulo Coelho. I once attempted to read Alexandra decides to Die.. but sometimes, I feel that authors create more issues than are already present in real life.

Some of the highlights today brought.



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it sang songs to me, in the deep depths

when words would have otherwise been empty

void of feeling, and therefore, meaning.



not my lifesaver, but somewhat a rescuer

sitting on the shore, awaiting my surface

we welcome each other delightedly



companions, we will run

and when the sun sets, I would have met you again

Laughing, with the rain this time.

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