This Christmas…Praise the Lord..

December 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Days when I talk to no one

And people smile around me without compassion

I sigh, and even desire to cry; inwardly

I tell myself: there’s no point


The moon is silent, though I may address it

singing like a desperado in the summer ‘

But I don’t feel because I’ve told myself no

And it’s winter all over


But when the Lord comes, He finds me

Exactly where I am, with no pretensions

I whimper and sigh, the dark contractions

And my heart sings with joy and hope once more


So, what is life, if we don’t have Jesus?

Lonely days without number? Condemnation like a slave’s..

Emptiness that can never be felt; a heart cold

Yes, that was what life was like.


This Christmas, I thank You, Jesus,

For the many hearts you’ve touched, mine included

My emptiness healed, Your Life revealed

My shabby tears caught.





December 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Christmas season is here, which makes me excited. I want to



Give a shout for joy

Sing a Christmas song


And it makes me feel like having

Christmas candies

Christmas songs

Eat toast with butter

Dance around the house

Buy Christmas presents for everybody


But the reality is, I have Jesus. He’s all the freedom I need, and all the joy I desire, and all the dreams I want to be.

And.. it’s probably funny, but I’m still waiting for the freedom to do some of those simple lil things.



December 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

They changed the layout on WordPress, again? Like, seriously? Baby blue?

Anyways, Christmas is coming. I’m sitting here, writing something. And listening to old music from the soundtrack of ‘A Good Year’, which I had the pleasure of watching yesterday. Most of it is old, and some of it is French. But somehow, it all gells really well together.

Writing this because sometimes, old-fashioned thinking doesn’t quite cut it. And it’s nice to be able to remember this moment, sometime in the future.



December 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

As one of my bids to improve my writing skills, I must learn how to keep the discipline of writing out of necessity.

We went to watch the Life of Pi yesterday – myself, Steph and Tavia. The opening scene brought us into India immediately. Pondicherry, during the French occupation, to be precise. The Indian who turned out to be Pi was telling his long-lost story to a curious person who had  gone all the way up to Canada upon an introductory push by Pi’s big-chested swimming uncle, Mamaji.

And so, the story began.

The story is, in reality, more realistic than fantastical. You could capture many snapshots during the duration of the film – Pi and his understanding of who God is. Pi and family, eating capati, Pi and animals. Pi and magnificent Bengal tiger, for most of the film. These were many portions of beauty that you had keep retraining your eyes to see. Because of the magnificence of some of the scenes, you were often distracted by the sheer magnitude of the images.

The story is, after all, already entrenched in the minds of many by a certain Yann Martel.

I’ve spent many a joyous moment entertaining the imagination of what different worlds there are in the stories written in books – but sometimes, it feels good to take a peek at what other people are imagining, too. And sometimes, just sometimes, you get to do that through the power of film.


one wedding later…

December 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Experienced one of the most beautiful weddings, tonight.

Suzanne and Theng Shan – Congratulations.

I also spent hours driving there. Some hotels have really weird locations. And on top of that, it ran out of parking.

Some of  us parked downhill/uphill, and walked to the hotel in the dark.

But it was a good dinner. The Skrinies are as wonderfully in their element as ever. Apparently there were no Skrinies at the KL Bar Pool Party tonight.

We took a lot of pictures, and attempted to rain the hall down with our loud and long ‘Yaaaaammmm Senggg’ vocal exercise.

Yes, as Amy put it, “a joyous Saturday”.

Looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree in church tomorrow!


December 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Had a wonderful night with my cell group tonight. Ate like hogs, and watched movies like crazy people.

Most of the time, I fear I speak a language not many people understand – but every once in a while, I get moments of enlightenment like these, and it awakens in me an awareness of my ties.

Nothing can substitute for the love of God.

In the same way, there’re no people like the people God designed for your life.

Everybody has something to learn. The only fear is that they mightn’t learn it fast enough.

Soon enough, or well enough.

But I’m grateful that there’s a time for everything under the sun.

Thank you, Lord.


December 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

A Moleskine can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Currently penning down holiday plans in mine. I’ve been aching for a holiday in ages. And the closest thing I’ve had to one, so far, is the best nearest cafe in KL.


The last holiday I had, I took an exam with it. There were so many things to recall, so many things to buy, and so many sights to bid goodbye to, that two weeks was almost certainly not enough. And then, it seems like nearly two years has gone by since.


Everybody could do with a breath of fresh air, and a pen.


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