December 2, 2012 § Leave a comment


Had just about one of the best days in church, today.

It was so much fun cleaning up. But of course, there were dusty moments. I could feel dust, at times, almost down my throat. And then we had to throw some stuff away. Stood under the rain for a few moments, watching them toss into the  bin-gate, paint pails, old party poppers, some fake twigs, etc etc. Somehow, it’s the love for (or, work in) productions that’s led us to having all this stuff. It can get pretty interesting, at times. I wore shorts, and my currently enormous stomach was visible all-round.

I came back, and then got online. Managed to get us flights to Langkawi. Finally! It reminds me of the days when Faan Jin used to ask me to book the flights. I would manage to get them, heaving multiple sighs of relief, after putting in all the details in a neat little pile.  And then, the hotels, later. And the other modes of transportation that would take us around. We enjoyed those kinds of quiet treks. I can be quite a lazy traveller who eats, drinks, and takes in the scenery. But I’d do almost anything for culture. Faan Jin would sometimes draw. She’s good at that.

I’m listening to music like none other. I love that.

It’s times like these when I forget what a background I stand up against,because the foreground is so pretty; so filled.

I used to try and forget it – in the places I went to, the art I watched; the people I met and made friends with; the things I saw and the ways I spent my time – it was all terribly evasive. But now, I see that. And, it seems surreal but at the same time, real. You can never really disown yourself.

Grateful, however, that today, with much less money and a House to call mine-own, I actually belong somewhere.



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