This Christmas…Praise the Lord..

December 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Days when I talk to no one

And people smile around me without compassion

I sigh, and even desire to cry; inwardly

I tell myself: there’s no point


The moon is silent, though I may address it

singing like a desperado in the summer ‘

But I don’t feel because I’ve told myself no

And it’s winter all over


But when the Lord comes, He finds me

Exactly where I am, with no pretensions

I whimper and sigh, the dark contractions

And my heart sings with joy and hope once more


So, what is life, if we don’t have Jesus?

Lonely days without number? Condemnation like a slave’s..

Emptiness that can never be felt; a heart cold

Yes, that was what life was like.


This Christmas, I thank You, Jesus,

For the many hearts you’ve touched, mine included

My emptiness healed, Your Life revealed

My shabby tears caught.




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