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Listening to the soundtrack of ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. Amazing story, amazing characters; honest emotions thrown up all over the place and everywhere. 

I’m wondering now, how it would feel like to do something I really liked, for a change. People have always expected me to be certain things. Be. How simple, how deceptively simple. The truth is, you can’t be someone you’re not, no matter how well you try.

There are days that have been rough. It’s days like these when I realise: Sod it, don’t let’s sweat the small stuff. You know, shake hands. The Bible says: To love one another from the heart. What does that mean? It means, to love your brother/sister truly, no pretensions; don’t let skin stuff mess with the heart stuff, and let’s be looking out for one another. The Bible also says: 

“Two are better than one,

because they have a good return for their work;

If one falls down, 

his friend can help him up!

But pity the man who falls

and who has no one to help him up!

Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.

But who can keep warm alone? 

Though one may be overpowered,

Two can defend themselves

A cord of three strands is not easily broken”. 

[Ecclesiastes 14:9-12, NIV]


I’m sitting here, and letting the music sink in my ears. The only films I truly like are the most genuine ones I’ve ever seen, heard and felt. I could almost touch the scenes. I believe real life is like that, too.


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Bought myself some colourful rubber bands from Daiso, today. Was awaiting my computer’s repair. Today’s Pyramid was not so crowded – bearable. I walked slowly, so as to avoid straining my knee. And felt like it was liberation to be able to be amongst people, again. 

I don’t understand, anymore, how anyone can isolate themselves away from the world. I had to sit on the bench for a while to rest myself. But, if it weren’t for that, I wanted to play the game!

Life is really funny, sometimes. I’m thankful that God has allowed me to see both sides of the coin. At times, being a wallflower is painfully interesting – it is a unique perspective that can only be undertaken voluntarily, yet only once one finds oneself in an involuntary positioning. But there comes a time when the wallflower would rather be a real flower, shining; blooming under the beautiful morning sun. When it no longer feels the need to be confined to the wall. Who could deny it its glory, then? But clarity comes after the rain.


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Sometimes, just seeing my blog makes me happy. It reflects the journey I’ve been through. The words echo the cries; or silences of my heart as time went on, within the civilisation of the written word. And it can be so hard to get feelings and strong sentiments to behave in a civilised manner. 


Sometimes, you’re left to do the journey alone because people just don’t care to.

Sometimes, they don’t feel they owe a responsibility to you.

Sometimes, they are too wrought up with their own cares and worries.

Sometimes, it’s because they don’t see what the big picture is.


But for every time that I’ve felt disappointment in a person doing that, I give thanks and praise to God who took up the responsibility from the start. And for His people, who did and continue to do His bidding, faithfully.

It is true that you don’t come into yourself before you have handled the responsibilities God entrusts to you. For what else are you here for?


truth (and art)

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I contemplated writing down something yesterday – but sometimes,it’s so much easier to be in possession of all the creative faculties. I may want to tell a certain story in some way, but the story is best told in another forum; another light. In that sense, I am limited by skill.

Because it had just dawned on me that the most truthful people on earth are the artists – theirs is the imagination; theirs is the heart; and in their expression is the power of the truth.  Everyone else has to find another means of expressing who they are… but the artists are the truest to their selves – theirs is the heart. Even when they are self-deceived, their art reflects that – as something abstract, and difficult to untangle. And when they are clear, what they believe in is as clear as the blue skies – right or wrong is not in their books then, only truth (as opposed to God’s Truth explained below).


And that, I believe is what art is really about – it is a means to express who we are in the truest way.

And thus, that art is not limited to the ‘artists’, in any strict definition of the word, but encompasses a pure, undiluted creativity. A creative impulse, an inspiration to invent, straight from Heaven – God has imparted to all His children, in many different fields. It is to His manifest glory that we use these creative faculties to create and express ourselves.


God’s Truth is more singular, more true – because it encompasses not only truth, but right and wrong, justice, mercy and grace. And many more aspects of His character that we may only have a glimpse of, now. That, is why it is Truth (with a capital ‘T’) – which requires greater and greater revelation.


Thank you, Jesus.


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So many things I want to write, but for now, I just want to proclaim my thankfulness to God, my Abba Father – the Author and Perfector of my faith. I love how creative He is, and how He has imparted His creative nature to me, and given me His imagination, which cannot be compensated for in any form.

I love how He brings people together, and causes them to be unified in the purpose of building Him a house. 

I love how His love binds their hearts to Him as one.

And I love how Faithful He is to what He has committed Himself to do.

I love reading newspapers, magazines, publications and any kind of news – but the Good News He brought to mankind has always been the best news of all. 

Les Mis

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We watched Les Miserables the other day – I’d watched it twice before onstage, and once in the cinema within the last month. The show may be about ‘the miserable’, but it is most certainly not a miserable experience.

The depth of the drama, the quality of the music; the beauty of the setting; the strength of the characters – are all reasons why this is a great story. 

Which reminds me that, no story is properly told without the right setting, language, timing and effects – without these, a story is merely a coincidential happening in the reality of time; there but missing the point.

And even though my fellow audience was fairly offending by laughing more than shedding the quiet tear, watching it with them was what made the movie an actual experience, and not the movie per se, itself.


Colourful words, beautiful words, may not mean the world

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It’s true that one of the better ways to be a good writer is to get writing!

Hurt my leg the other day and spent the morning in the local hospital. Now, with the brace on, my leg looks like some bionic leg – with a circle in the middle to support my knee cap.

Listening to the woeful, beautiful notes and words of the 2010 London West End cast of Les Miserables. They can really sing.

I spent the last afternoon of the old year re-reading my old notebooks. I couldn’t believe how depressing they were. I certainly had a knack on having  a dark outlook. And how I used my writing skills to make that very clear! But it gives me an insight now, on what you can be when you don’t observe yourself.

Even as, some of the more entertaining parts of life come from observing other people.

I’m signing off, since there is nothing truly interesting to expound about, here.

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