truth (and art)

January 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

I contemplated writing down something yesterday – but sometimes,it’s so much easier to be in possession of all the creative faculties. I may want to tell a certain story in some way, but the story is best told in another forum; another light. In that sense, I am limited by skill.

Because it had just dawned on me that the most truthful people on earth are the artists – theirs is the imagination; theirs is the heart; and in their expression is the power of the truth.  Everyone else has to find another means of expressing who they are… but the artists are the truest to their selves – theirs is the heart. Even when they are self-deceived, their art reflects that – as something abstract, and difficult to untangle. And when they are clear, what they believe in is as clear as the blue skies – right or wrong is not in their books then, only truth (as opposed to God’s Truth explained below).


And that, I believe is what art is really about – it is a means to express who we are in the truest way.

And thus, that art is not limited to the ‘artists’, in any strict definition of the word, but encompasses a pure, undiluted creativity. A creative impulse, an inspiration to invent, straight from Heaven – God has imparted to all His children, in many different fields. It is to His manifest glory that we use these creative faculties to create and express ourselves.


God’s Truth is more singular, more true – because it encompasses not only truth, but right and wrong, justice, mercy and grace. And many more aspects of His character that we may only have a glimpse of, now. That, is why it is Truth (with a capital ‘T’) – which requires greater and greater revelation.


Thank you, Jesus.


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