February 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

I watched ‘The Words’ yesterday, which has Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons, and those ‘words’ spoke to me in a rather deep way. I suppose all of life does, because it is so real, so true and so undeniable. The story also spoke to me as a writer, because in spite of watching a lot of shows featuring a struggling writer, they are all different in mood, personality and demeanour, and it’s always helped me somewhat to see from their angles what really drives them to fight for this right to write, in spite of their often poor, or dry, economic circumstances. 


I suppose films are a way to make me think this beginning of the year, as I’m waiting for replies to come forth for my job applications.The days go by, and I analyse the films I watch not for the sake of sheer entertainment, but for art, and expression, and communication, and beauty – which is not always in the eye of the beholder. And then I think about what it’s saying to me, and I wonder if there is a part of me in a part of that which i can somehow relate to  – connect, in a way human beings only can through the powerful medium of the heart. 

But tonight, I feel like an indie film, and I’ve run out of things to fall back on. That’s when new terrains must be conquered, methinks. 



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