Moon of Monokura

February 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Listening to the ‘Moon of Monokura’ in my head. There are some days when you don’t feel like writing, don’t feel like listening, don’t feel like talking; don’t feel like doing anything that makes sense to anyone. But the Moon of Monokura plays because I’m tied up in the suburban landscape when I listen to it; and I remember the problems that use to swarm me in the past.

But a troubled person isn’t troubled forever, as Silver Linings Playbook also relates. It’s a script and a storyline – a depiction I can relate to, because of the difficulty of any other way of relating it. No one who hasn’t ever had problems like that ever will understand the graveness (or gravity) of having to go through it. It’s a valley that seems cut out for you from the rock, and no one else understands, no matter how close they stand by. And I guess,what sticks out for me here is how Pat has a silver lining he looks to, no matter how terrible the reality was. It’s true that sometimes, you need to deny reality in order to see it in a way that is helpful to you – till you are strong enough to get back on your feet again, and claim your allotted stakes. Pat manages to do it because of his family’s support, and Tiffany ‘reading the signs’, and all that, and ultimately, they find a way of doing things that works for them.

That works for me, too. The silver lining is all you can see for yourself, and somehow, it’s like crutches to help you get back on your feet. 

Can’t say I don’t like that. 



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