Suspicious Minds

February 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ever since as far back as I can remember, I’ve appreciated creative art. It’s a way of releasing all that energy inside of one person without being aggressive. I learnt to appreciate artistic films that explored themes that were strange, or viewed from a strange angle, or simply seen in a way that was slightly disturbing to someone on the outside. Over time, I learnt that having problems, and admitting that, isn’t the worst thing in life.The worst thing is when you can’t be honest with and to yourself about them.


After a while, you realise that it isn’t important anymore how people see you, the way they want to. They’ll never see you as who you really are until you can be who you really are, in front of them. And if they still don’t choose to see that, it isn’t your problem. And you can only be who you really are when you’ve come to terms with yourself, warts and all, seeing yourself objectively. True, you might have problems, and people might have identified those two things as the same thing: You. But you know you’re not those problems. You just happen to be the one to have to deal with them, since you can’t pass them on.


Art, in a sense, helps us to see the very things other people are supposed to help us see about ourselves, but they don’t want to come close enough, or can’t, or maybe, can’t see, because they simply don’t understand. In the process, others  are helped to see the very things we ourselves need to see. A large screen – a motion picture. 


Suddenly, I’m no longer just someone with problems – I’m someone who needs a different way to see.


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