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Had the very simple, humble, naan for dinner with curry. I loved the beautiful mixture of taste – mint, sweet red curry,and yellow-brown dhal. I’ve always thought, nevertheless, that a Malaysian writer writing about food is bound to make the simplest foods sound like the king’s table – which, in other words, is overblowing it. Instead, its sweet deliciousness in its sheer simplicity should be emphasized – that is what I enjoy about these Malaysian foods, anyway – the ability to enjoy them simply and without guilt.


Listening to Badly Drawn Boy, and wondering where have all my musical tastes gone. 


Playlist: Helpless.

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Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Rolling Stones

This song saw me through many bold and scared days of my life during London days. Because I really did feel like that, some days. Like the sirens should just go off, and I would be be rushed to a place, requiring immediate medical attention. There was no fancy in that notion, merely a deep sense of unease that things were beyond my control; I was utterly helpless and susceptible. The loneliness of the tone of this song didn’t help, either. The original is still the best. There’re many remakes.. including one in the somber tones of Mr Bob Dylan..but no one quite conveys the feeling of ‘lostness’ so well as the Rolling Stones.. 


Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

This song was another one of my favourites, for sheer vocal power, as well as musical arrangement – it was thoroughly wild and unpredictable, charting the emotional stages a person swims through when desperate.. and there was a desperation in this song that sang to me. The wildness was also endearing..because it referred to this ‘pore boy’s momma in his guilt and repentance that came just a little too late.. 


Old Habits Die Hard – Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart

This song simply sang to me, like water to a duck, because I had so many habits that should die hard, that didn’t die by themselves, yet I was hearty about them. Also, this was sung by old souls of old school rock – Mick Jagger being one of them.. And Mick Jagger’s song struck me like this: rather than cure a bad habit, why not sing about it? Also, he lends a sour twistiness about it – as if slightly sour by the reality of it.. but singing about it because it was real, and undeniable. And then, the melody goes on to playfully suggest that all this is is a story the man’s telling, as one of the many that make up the colourful puzzle of his life.. And he, he man himself, continues singing


Speechless – Lady Gaga

This song, I first heard on an episode of So You Think You Can Dance. The dance was a contemporary one, between a fighting couple in an intimate bedroom scene. It was done well enough to draw praise from the judges about the emotional language successfully conveyed in the song. ‘Speechless’ was actually written by Lady Gaga to her father, whom she felt helpless towards, at one point. Nevertheless, as all art tends to be, the lyrics are romanticized, of course. 



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So I forked out some money 

To pay for the tab, 

And oh, a stranger had made it before me

And oh, I smiled; but he stared.


Here comes the sun, said the song 

It was always alright, ultimately 

And you had lives that you lived, simultaneously 

on different sides of the world


Oh, that strange pale blue feeling 

That you so rarely offered anyone

Was the inkling of your faith in humanity;

A sobered thing, a heavy influence


How could you go and run away, 

On one like me, so forlorn and disconnected 

But I have gotten over that, like a smoked cigarette

To realise the weight of heavier, lasting connections


When all is said and done, life could be like an advert

Fleeting, passing and glorious with ONE message

But I would rather not be, would rather not… 

Live for the market.


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